Drama and Musical Theatre Classes in Canterbury

About our Musical Theatre Classes

Exciting and fun filled classes exploring all aspects of Musical Theatre from singing to prop making.

The class starts with drama games; this is to build on confidence and for all the students to get to know each other.

We then start work on the Musical that has been chosen for that term. Students learn a script from a scene from the musical, we also work on acting skills and techniques.

We then learn a dance routine from the Musical, also learning different dance steps and techniques. Before learning the song from the chosen Musical, we also teach the students vocal warm ups and exercises to show the students the correct way to sing.

In the term we also make a prop to go with our musical. At the end of the term students perform all this in a presentation to their parents.

Students will have the opportunity to take part in our Dance Xtreme internal examination once a year. Receiving their certificate, medal and report in an awards ceremony where one student will receive a trophy for outstanding work and one student in the school get the student of the year shield!